About us

Hi Friends

My Name is Ganesh Garg the founder of  "Anshu Home Appliences".

I have an electronic item shop in Ganesh Gali since 2017.

Our History

we are in this market from 1970.

1. In 1970 Our first shop is Garg Kirana started and stoped now.

2. In 1990 We started Garg Electricals to sale electrical items. In 2023 this is our well know wholesale shop in ganesh gali. In this firm we are Authorized dealer in RR, havells, cona pm, finolex, indo, zigma.

3. In 2012 we stared Gargsales to serve Light Items, In this we have Authorized dealershiop in muphy, havells brand dealership of light items.

4. In 2017 we started Anshu Home Appliences to serve Electronic items, this is fully a retail shop in ganesh gali.

In 2023 December  we stared an ecommerce website (online shopping website) to serve electronic items to our customer. to check visit anshuhome.com

You and many of our viewers already know and some viewer are already my customers.

The way of working has changed with the times, so I have also started a new online facility in which you can see every item of my shop at home, you can know the rate or you can contact me through WhatsApp or call whenever you want to ask any query. You can get information about the goods or you can also book the goods if you like or if you want to get the goods couriered, that courier facility is also available.

So from today onwards it is our service, give it to us or take advantage of it 

And stop wait for 3 day delivery, we will give you same day delivery.


Ganesh Garg 

Call/whatsapp 9711197320

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